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It is even easier than you think to have a beautiful smile with modern teeth whitening techniques and advance whitening products. Most people get the brighter tooth shade they have been wanting of with our simple take home bleaching procedure.

It’s fast, safe, and inexpensive. Just let us know at your dental cleaning appointment that you would like to learn more about whiten your teeth. Using custom trays, dental patients can lighten the upper teeth or both the upper and lower teeth.  Crowns, fillings, and veneers are not affected by bleaching. For that reason, patients who are having dental work done in the smile line should consider whitening their teeth before starting long lasting treatment.

Custom bleach trays are made locally by our dental team and will be ready for you to pick up within five business days. We provide you with a special whitening gel that you put into the clear trays. Most patients wear them for one to two hours each day until they are satisfied with the shade.  You may also sleep in your bleaching trays if desired, although the active ingredient in the gel loses potency after 1-2 hours.    Bleaching or whitening your teeth does not alter tooth structure or existing dental work. Once teeth have reached the desired shade of brightness, most of our dental patients have to only do occasional touch up treatments to keep their smile white and bright.

Dental bleaching causes zero damage to tooth enamel.  However, the active ingredient in the bleaching gel, carbamide peroxide, can cause short-term tooth sensitivity or irritation to the surrounding gum tissue.  Our dental team will sit down and go over instructions with you to ensure that you have a positive whitening experience.