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At Highline Family Dentistry, we understand that a key component to maintaining great dental health lies in prevention.  Dr. Becker, along with her knowledgeable staff, works to make sure patients are educated about how to prevent cavities, gum disease and loss of teeth.  For the patients who have no restorative needs, and who have always taken good care of their teeth and gums, we recommend a thorough cleaning and exam every six months in order to ensure that no problems arise.

Dr. Becker and staff understand that every dental patient is different, and as such, tailor the needs of each individual to maintain optimal health.  With a huge arsenal of dental tools, such as mouth rinses, fluoride, floss, picks and toothbrushes, we will make sure that you understand what works best in your mouth.

Our goal is to provide the best quality of care for our patients, and we believe that education and prevention plays a major role.